English Tuition


Our specialist English tutors are available for a range of flexible lessons to cover a range of areas from SATs, 11+, at GCSE and through to A-Level. Tackling all curriculum areas, our home tuition English professionals will improve students’ confidence and give them the tools they need to achieve excellent results. Whether a pupil is struggling with reading and writing, and needs remedial support, or if a pupil is underachieving for their ability, and even if a pupil is excelling but wants to ensure they are staying on top of their success, our tutors can provide a completely tailored support.


Our private English tutors pride themselves on encouraging more independent learners and successful students from SATs, 11+, through GCSE and A-Level. We know that our flexible home tutors can tailor support personally to the needs of every individual student. We will ensure that they are given opportunities to engage with interesting topics and our tutors will challenge them to push themselves towards great results. Covering topics that range from literary critique, Shakespeare, prose, poetry, drama, creative writing and writing for purpose and audience, students will develop a confidence and deeper understanding of these areas of the subject.


English is a skill that underpins all subjects. It is a core subject that transcends the whole curriculum. Our private tutors are skilled in helping students develop a strong ability in English that they will carry through into the world of work, well beyond their assessments and exams. Students today are managing a heavy workload; coursework, assessment and exams across a range of varied subjects, from Science to Geography, they are mixing traditional academic subjects alongside more vocational ones. The important, key skill of literacy transcends all these areas, and ability in English will only service to enhance any students’ work across their qualifications.