Top ten tips on becoming a Sixth Former

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10 Sep, 2019

It’s a very exciting week for our GCSE students as they look forward to results day. Many of our students will be moving on to the exciting challenge of Sixth Form which is a dynamic period in their life, where they truly get to specialise more in what they are interested in learning. But how can they make the most of this exciting time? Read our top ten tips for making the most of the Sixth Form experience.

1. Be passionate
Now is the time to choose the subjects that really interest you. Don’t take a subject that you think will look good on paper, but bores you to tears. It won’t work at A Level.

2. Be organised
As a sixth former you are expected to be an independent learner and organise your time effectively. Get a diary and start managing those study periods.

3. Revise from the get go
A Level study is much more rigorous, and demanding. You will need a lot of information at your fingertips when it gets to your A Levels. Therefore, start with a weekly plan to revise and consolidate all your new learning, and don’t forget to make your revision active.

4. Be disciplined with study periods
It’s tempting to treat study periods as ‘free periods’ and doss around in the social areas of the Sixth Form. Big mistake. Make smart and self-disciplined use of your time.

5. Read at depth
With A Level study you are going to need to read a breadth and depth of material about your subjects. Be prepared for this, and embrace the learning.

6. Organise your filing
Gone are the days when you could file your paperwork in your blazer pocket. Have an organised filing system from the get go.

7. Understand your exam board
Find out what exam board you are studying, download the specification and access the sample papers and mark schemes. Don’t let A Level papers be a mystery to you in year 13. You can start from September.

8. Think ahead
Your sixth form will have resources on further routes of study, courses and so on. Start to access these resources and thinking about the future. Can you volunteer to get good experience on your CV? What can you be doing on your EPQ to enhance your chances? Can you take the Duke of Edinburgh? What can you do to enhance your UCAS statement to stand out from other sixth formers?

9. Prioritise well being
Eat well, sleep well, and make time out for yourself too. Balance is critical, and your own well-being matters. Make time for exercise, relaxation and friends.

10. Enjoy it
Sixth form is a lovely time in your life, where you can be among like minded students and enjoy more mature relationships with your teachers. It’s a time when you can come into your own and find out more about who you are. Enjoy every minute.

Good luck to our students as they get their GCSE results and get in touch with us if we can help you on your journey.

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