Maths Tuition


From SATs, 11+, through GCSE and onwards to A-Level, we provide a tailored, bespoke Maths tutoring service throughout Liverpool and St Helens, that is unique to the student. Our private tutors are skilled in being able to make Maths accessible to all learners. They can offer your child a renewed confidence in Maths, with the potential to achieve true academic success. Working closely with students, our Maths tutors will ensure that areas of weakness are targeted, key curriculum areas are tackled and that confidence and the ability to apply knowledge of numbers is improved greatly.


Only offering private tutors that are passionate about their students, Credo Tuition provides assurance to all our customers that we truly believe that our private tutors can affect real change. All tutors will tackle problem areas in the subject, will improve grades and empower students to succeed. From fractions, to percentage, shape, data or statistics, whether its foundation level Maths or Advanced Maths, every student is catered for with regard to their needs within the subject and is taught at a level that suits their individual learning need.


Our knowledgeable Maths tutors, working in and around Liverpool and St Helens, are able to plan and prepare your child for examinations and assessments, as well as providing them with the tools required for success in for their future careers and life in general. The skills learned and developed for examinations, assessments and coursework are not only crucial Maths skills, but are important tools for later life in the world of work. They pride themselves on their ability to connect Maths both to exams and assessments but also for use in future careers.